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What our clients say
I want to thank you guys for the time of our lives. When we returned from this incredible adventure, we were different people – in a good way, of course. Now we have a new and improved perspective on life and everything that surrounds us. Keep up the good work!
I always preferred travelling by myself – I thought that group tours are a nightmare. But Travel Agency proved me wrong: the groups are small and it feels just like travelling with friends. It’s easier to interact this way and you can quickly make new friends. I became friends with a couple of people from my last trip and now we are planning a new adventure in Portugal.
The tour was extraordinary – I was really impressed by the guides and, most importantly, by your professionalism. I didn’t expect everything to be so exquisite. But, the journey itself was a little bit too long and tiring – I do believe that it should be split into two parts, to be able to get some rest in between. I recommend Travel Agency to all my acquaintances – especially to those in search of some adventure.